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I'm five-one and looking to replace a custom frame that was damaged in a car accident last week. 47cm is the tallest I could go on a frame, which limits my options. 

While I'm super picky and will probably keep riding my beater loaner frame until my obsessive eBay searches for used junior keirin frames pays off or I get a sugar daddy to buy me another custom frame in exchange for my dignity, I'd like to make this list comprehensive since I'm sure I'm not the only wee lady who will ever turn to this forum for advice on building up a track frame.

BRANDS THAT MAKE FIXED GEAR,  COMPLETE BIKES, FRAMESETS, OR FRAMES 47CM OR SMALLER (This is not an endorsement of quality): Jamis, Gunnar, Mercier, Fuji, All-City , Swobo, IRO, SE Bikes

BRANDS THAT MAKE FIXED GEAR BIKES BUT ONLY IN LARGER SIZES (They may or may not make smaller geared bikes): Trek, Torelli, Cinelli, Euro-Asia, State Bicycle Co, Leader, Masi, Soma, Felt, Brooklyn Machine Works, Surly, etc

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Check this out:


Italian.  Columbus tubing.  The site references, "47 to 63 cm - Odd Sizes Only."  Might want to inquire.


Also, check out Mercian:  See how much time you can waste with their online frame builder.


Good luck.

Sorry to hear you messed up yo lil bike. Can't the driver help you pay for a new one? Hope you are O.K.

Ciclo Urbano has both SE Draft and Red Line 9-2-5 on sale and in stock in 47cm or smaller right now. Come in and give them a test ride. Feel extra good about your purchase in knowing that sales at Ciclo go to help support West Town Bikes and the youth and community programs that they provide.

I think I saw a very small Colnago pista frame in airplane aluminum at Yojimbo's Garage, he is having a 50% off sale on in stock bikes.... if the frame is a no go he has plenty of in stock parts to get you built up


I feel your pain. I've sworn off diamond frames entirely since it's been so tough to find a good quality used road bike in my proportions.

Sounds like Alex has a couple of good options. I saw a 47" Bianchi Pista at On the Route in Lakeview a couple of months ago but I can't say it was that cheap. 

Pave bikes are something to consider.  A bit more urbanized, Raleigh.  To mention, I have an xsmall Rush hour that I'm trying to sell.  I bought it a couple years ago and have ridden it minimally.  It now sits gathering dust as I roll away on my geared bikes.  Black as a ninja w/red accents.  Dual brakes.  Any interest, let me know.  Otherwise, hope you find an new "fix"ation soon.



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