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This series, taking place on Sat. Nov. 21, Sat. Jan. 16 and Sat. Feb. 20, will explore some of Chicagoland's many faux-Polynesian hideaways serving tiki drinks in a tropical atmosphere.

Meet at the Handlebar at 3:30 pm, departing around 4:00 to ride about 10 miles to Hala Kahiki, the legendary multi-room tiki bar complex at 2834 N. River Road in River Grove:

Hala Kahiki does not serve food, but just down the block is the equally legendary minimalist hotdog stand Gene and Jude's:

If the group is so inclined, on the way home we may stop off at Paradise Club, 7068 W. Belmont, a former tiki bar that is now a hangout for the local Polish community - it still has some tiki vestiges:


John Greenfield

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Hey, John:

Your description states the third ride to take place on Sat. Jan. 20.
Did you mean to say Sat. Feb. 20?
Advise. Thanks!
Yes, Stage 3 is on Saturday February 20. Sorry for the confusion!

John Greenfield


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