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It's mostly because we get paid bullshit.

Seriously, do you have any idea how annoying it is to get bitched at about the cost of a tune up when you don't make shit?

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Thank you, I appreciate you clarifying that.  I take the shop I work at being honest and providing top notch service very, very seriously.

What happened to you is also an excellent example of why it pays to talk to the person who is going to be the one working on your bike; all to often instructions get lost in the shuffle.

Haddon said:

Oy, my apologies are due, I hear by apologize to Element, its employees and employes, customer base and whom ever else might be necessary.  RT north gave me the shaft, (though I still frequent RT south).  DUG, I had convesations with you at RT and you know your shit but here, on the chainlink it's like your sitting around waiting to be indignant and you make the site less pleasant for all involved. Again my apologies where they are due.

h' 1.0 said:

Haddon still thinks you work at Rapid Transit.

Give it a rest.

DUG, I have a back ground as an auto mechanic and have about $10k in tools and specialized training and I ran into a similar problem, with my training I lacked experience in a shop and shops pay for experience or they pay you very little till you have that experience.  And then there is the dark side of the automotive world....faking bills and making crap up to charge a customer for work they don't need.  That was something I refused to partake in and it cost me a career in the repair world.  I sell race car parts now, so while I am still in the auto world I don't have to deal with the shystiness of the repair part of it.

And something to keep in mind and has helped me focus on always doing something on the side of whatever I do during the day: A job won't every pay you what you're worth, it will only pay you what the job is worth and just enough to keep you around doing the job.  

Good luck man, and if you ever need a few good book recommendations that helped me move up and make more money in my field (and weren't gimmicky) let me know.  I did a lot of reading out when I was in the shop before I made my way into a "cushier" job.


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