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You blew the red light east bound on Lawrence at Damen at 5:26 pm this evening.


There was enough time for the biker in front of me to make it half way into the intersection, northbound on Damen, before you came whizzing past my front wheel.


I yelled "You're an idiot!" at your big haired chick, self, and you looked back at me. I meant it!


I woulda testified for any of the cars, that managed to not kill you, if they had.


Keep riding like a tard!




Witness bad behavior during your commute? Feel free to post. Maybe that lovely human can read it and think they are famous. Maybe you can also inspire the whole generation of kids to shower but we can start with small things.

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So you don't deny that you chucked a bottle/can at the man?

What was the thought process of doing something so neighbourly?

Found on the Social Media. Be careful out there, folks. I've had more experiences than I'm comfortable with where drivers have actively tried (and stated as such) to kill me. I just leave 'em be now.

You: middle-aged het couple on hybrids wearing bike gloves on Damen, Saturday evening.

Me: minding my own business and riding downtown on my cruiser.

W, from behind left: "Hey, honey, we're gonna pass ya, is that cool?"
Me: Sure, thanks!
(W, M) pass.
As W passes: "Cute skirt!"
Me: thanks (ugh)
Stoplight ahead turns green while couple is loudly (drunkenly? unclear) chatting. I pass then and continue through intersection.
A few blocks later, W passes fast, followed by Dude, who yells, from behind: "Hey sweetie, on your left!"
At intersection ahead, both turn around to me. W says, "See? We beat you to the light!"
Me, incredulous: um, Great!
W: looking at me, getting flustered, "I was joking!"
Light turns green
Me, shrugging: I can't tell.
Dude visibly twitchy and aggro, exhales loudly.
Me: and besides, guys, the light is green.
Me: Yeah, because I need you to tell me what to do.
Dude, mumble-yelling while he stand-pedals as fast as he can to get away: "Helmet--stupid head--cars--run over"--etc.
W struggles trying to catch him, runs red light on right turn, both turn off Damen to Diversey.


To the W: ditch the aggro, mansplaining jerk, and both of you: You're not funny or cute. Please leave people alone.

...and while you're at it, ditch the "Honey" and "sweetie" stuff.

Amen! Don't people realize that is NOT acceptable? Yuck. 

Dear Watermelon shoaling man,

Please pass people (women) on the left when safe. Please don't pass on Dearborn by using the oncoming side of the bike lane (on the right) to pass 5+ cyclists. Goof.

p.s. thank you for wearing a watermelon helmet, I caught up with you just so I could snap a pic.

Yasmeen, I thought this scene looked familiar, I guess I was one of the 5 cyclists on Dearborn.

Ha! So funny we both took a pic of watermelon helmet guy. Or is this video?

Right, it's a screen grab from my helmet camera but I definitely remembered him from yesterday when I saw your picture :)

This is not the only Chicago rider with a watermelon helmet! There is at least one other guy - a bit older and in better shape (no, it isn't me) who is a very considerate, non-shoaling sharer of the bike lanes. 

I just mention this so that no-one yells at the wrong person. :)

We should definitely avoid throwing fruit at the poor guy. ;-) 

No harm, everyone was ok. Just made me laugh that he had a watermelon helmet and was shoaling a whole line of women. 

Cat 6 Douche on southbound Wells between Chicago and Ohio this morning: 

Thank you for telling me I should ride on the right side of the bike lane right next to parked cars. I hope you heard me telling you, no I'm not risking a door because you don't know how to pass. Learn to take the lane or stay behind. Wells during rush hour is not a race so settle your face down bitch boy. 

It was disappointing that you ran the red at Ohio right in front of me. I was really hoping to continue the conversation. 


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