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Whenever the forum seems depressed,

just bounce this thread to the top.

Who's got a happy song or happy thought to share?

What do you do when you're down in the dumps?

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Makes me smile:

Does the forum seem depressed?

NICE !!! LMAO !!!
Needing it !!!

Hello Scarlett said:

This OTTER help...

Breaks are so important here.

I wish I had a picture.  Riding home past the soccer fields and the new basketball court at the south end of the zoo parking lot, I took the path east to cross the parking lot to the lagoon side.  What did I see?  A line of geese crossing the parking lot completely in the crosswalk and a fellow in a silver SUV stopped at the stop sign grinning ear to ear watching them.  I came up just behind the end of the geese and followed them across, and I was grinning ear to ear, too! 

I played "Here Comes The Sun" this morning, and it did the trick!

Time for some happy music:



Oh yeah!

Lisa Curcio 6.5 mi said:

Time for some happy music:



I rode my first bike commute on Tuesday since I had my ACL reconstructed a few months back.  On the way home (LFP @ Jackson to Hyde Park Blvd & Lake Park) I was following a guy on a road bike with a pannier on the back wearing a blue jersey, and we passed eachother multiple times during the 7 mile ride.  He passed me on Hyde Park Blvd saying "Nice ride!" as he went by.


Fellow chainlinker?  Not sure, but that was a great way to get back into my commute routine.  It was a pleasure to share a ride with a complete stranger - may we meet again....

That is so great! Thanks!

Jeff Schneider said:

Kids, dog, bicycle.  What could be happier?

Smiles and smiles!

Jeff Schneider said:

Kids, dog, bicycle.  What could be happier?


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