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Whenever the forum seems depressed,

just bounce this thread to the top.

Who's got a happy song or happy thought to share?

What do you do when you're down in the dumps?

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I don't drink vodka, potato or otherwise. I read a good book while listening to some good music (nice beer might help, too). I go for a run or a ride, even if weather is sucky. This list is not complete :)
I watch cute videos of animals on youtube.

I watch Telemundo.

I have a Toots and the Maytals mix i like to listen to when I  am down.  Pomps and Pride is the track that helps the most and he sings with conviction that today is a happy day, and tonite will be a happy nite.   And of course Reggae got Soul by Toots.  I think Stalin would even have to smile to some of this shit.  Shake your ass and have fun and the mind will catch up later.

 Things that make you smile

I like to blow bubbles.  It's very relaxing to watch them waft around on the breeze.
Something else to consider as a mood lifting measure :)

It IS Friday!




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