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They go on at 5 PM Friday and 11:30 AM Saturday.


No word on who's singing. Maybe the vocalists for the other acts will take turns. Eddie Vedder doesn't kick off his fall tour until the next weekend, so who knows...

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hmm, maybe Val Kilmer?

Their web site says the tix are sold out.  I may have to audit it from outside the edge of whatever perimeter they set up.

Ummm, you do know that is when the doors (gates) open and you'll be allowed in? Right?

Remember that the H/O is joining with The Onion's A.V. Club for this block party.

Hmmm, wonder why they're having a legendary band like the Doors open the show on both nights?

Well, I hope Ian Astbury isn't filling in for Jim Morrison again. I recently saw Astbury perform with his own band the Cult at the Congress Theater and they were pretty lame.

Yes, I know this is a joke, but it's actually not that far-fetched because Ray Manzarek attended St. Rita High in Beverly and recently performed a benefit show there, and seems like an all-around cool guy.

I know who is not singing vocals...

What?  Oh....


Michael J Blane said:

Ummm, you do know that is when the doors (gates) open and you'll be allowed in? Right?



Almost upon us!

Who's going?

The lineup:


9:15pm Iron & Wine
8:00pm Glen Hansard
7:00pm The War On Drugs
6:00pm CAVE
5:30pm Guitarkestra
5:00pm Doors


7:30pm Wilco
6:00pm Lee Fields & The Expressions
5:00pm Wye Oak
4:00pm Wild Belle
3:00pm The Corin Tucker Band
2:00pm Kelly Hogan
1:00pm The Waco Brothers w/ Paul Burch
12:00pm The Lawrence Peters Outfit
11:30am Doors

Anyone know/remember what the policy on bringing outside food/drink is? No info I can find on their website, and the message when you call is not terribly detailed.

Thanks-- they must have just added that after I posted; clearly they follow this forum closely :-)

Hadn't even occurred to me to leave the weapons at home.



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