As we enter the deep freeze in Chiberia, where do you dream of moving?

"Never-Ending Chiberia" March, 2015

It's that time of year, El Niño or no, the temps dropped and Chicago feels like the Arctic. Sure, I give my bike trainer lots of love while I Netflix and spin (no, not chill) but I also dream of moving. It's how I cope with winter in February. If I am going to survive a cold winter, I would much rather be surrounded by mountains. Or scrap the cold weather all together and move somewhere warmer than the Midwest. 

Happily Cross Country Skiing in Breckenridge 

My latest dream is to move to Boulder where 50 degrees is not uncommon in winter and there's still snow nearby to cross country ski. Or Arizona because mountain biking in Sedona and hiking Camelback would be pretty great to do more than once a year. Or Portland because they know biking... the list can go on and on. 

Mountain Biking Heaven in Sedona

So when the winter hits that bitter cold icy patch, do you dream of packing it in and leaving the Midwest? Where do dream of moving to and why? 

Climbing Hills in Solvang, California

Hiking in Arizona

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I'm ice skating this week as a form of cross-training/counter-programming. I hadn't laced up since 2013 and had never skated at Millennium Park (either on Mich Ave or the ribbon.) Today I'll walk over to the Midway. I suspect I'll have it to myself practically (not unlike the LFT mid-day on Monday.)

Sounds like fun. You should post some pics. :-)


Must be time for the Anchorage Perimeter Ride.

I visited Anchorage once in February 2011. Beautiful.

I'd move from this area because of the corruption, crime and social injustice not the chilly weather.

I don't like hot weather.

Meanwhile, in Finland...

A friend of mine is currently visiting Finland, he sent this picture to me saying...

"We are in Finland North of the Arctic circle.  We passed by this guy who was cycling on a road twenty plus miles from any civilization.  Temp was about 0.  To our surprise we saw him again on another route a day later.  He was headed north."

OMG, he's not wearing his helmet!

Tough choice for me.

I went to Hawaii once and fell in love - that would be the "money no object" choice.

Slightly more realistic though would be San Jose or Campbell CA. Or Napa. Lived there for about 10 years off and on - the variety of riding available either out my front door or within a few hours drive was amazing.

The cost of housing is so high there its not really realistic for most people.  Climate appeals to me though.

That's the real trick - convincing my boss to give me a transfer AND a cost of living raise.

St. George, Utah, because of both the on- and off-road options, natural beauty, abundant sunshine, and 60 degree temps in February. Like Sedona but affordable. And keep an eye out for the sister-wives in the local WalMart!

I never think of moving but a nice 3 week vacation along the Ocean in California or Miami.

In July and August? Northern Canada.

I just moved to Chicago from Mexico recently so not fed up by the winter just yet. Fortunately though, a work trip came up and I got away this week from the weather back there. I'm a mountain biker at heart but I've really enjoyed commuting to and from work meetings here in Amsterdam. Wouldn't mind moving up here. Although I'm kind of eager to ride the snowed in trails at Palos this weekend.


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