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any suggestions on where I can go for a TALL BIKE to buy or rent for a 300-mi cancer fundraising ride this summer ?


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I recommend checking out your local bike shop if you can afford a new bike. Here's a thread with Chainlinker recommendations on their favorites:

If you can't afford a new bike, you may also want to check out West Town Bikes, Working Bikes, or Blackstone in addition to Bikes n' Roses.

If you're looking for a tall bike then I'd suggest emailing this group:

Ha! Thanks Rich. Was thinking more along the lines of a bike for a tall person. :-)

Those are usually built in a bike building class like they have at West Town Bikes. Lots of fun cuttin' n welding. Unless you just wanna try to buy one from someone that has one. Anyone out there have a Tall Bike for jimbo?

The selling of tall bikes is generally frowned upon, the culture is to build them yourself.

If you are interested in an actual tall bike, not just a bike for a tall person, contact the Rat Patrol and you can probably find somebody willing to help you build one for your ride.

KHS Flite 747 if you don't want racks, Soma Double Cross Disc 66cm or ES 64/66cm if you want racks.


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