We have  all  told and  heard  "war stories" about  things that  have  happened  on the road. As riders,  we  get  it,  we understand, we  have  been there before.  However, those stories can  be more  than  banter at the  coffee  shop, the pub, or on  the  road.  They can be art, can  bring tears to  our eyes and  make us laugh out  loud. They can  tell  us more about  the  teller,  the rider, the other people on the road,  the human  condition.  We  solicited stories  from riders and have  seven great ones that will be told at Sketchbook  Brewery this coming Sunday,  July 9 between 12:30 pm and  2:00 pm.  Sketchbook is right off  of  the Valley Line Trail.  Why not ride over,  lock up, order  a  beverage and listen to Tales from  the Trails? Hang with a few bike nerds from  Skokie Bike  Network and be inspired by our  storytellers. 



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