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A Wilmette woman is in custody after she hit a car, a woman on a scooter and a cyclist Sunday in north suburban Evanston.

Evanston investigators say the path of destruction began around 10:00 a.m., after the suspected driver hit another car on the corner of Ridge Avenue and Davis Street.

Authorities say the 63-year-old woman fled the scene and crashed into several parked cars at Chicago and Keeney.

Police say the woman continued driving and struck a woman on a motorized scooter in the 600 block of Chicago Avenue.

The female on the scooter suffered minor injuries and took herself to a hospital.

Witnesses say the suspect driver had a third and final accident in the 700 block of Main Street, where she hit a man riding a bike. The cyclist was taken to Presence Saint Francis Hospital with minor injuries.

Several bystanders saw the aftermath including shop manager Cheryl Nester Detweiler, who had just arrived at work.

Cleveland Burkitt took cellphone pictures of officers arresting the driver, and said the woman nearly slammed into him as he drove in the 4600 block of Main Street.

Officers say the suspect drove three more miles to a neighboring suburb with a bashed car and windshield. An unmarked squad car spotted the damaged car in the 4600 block of Main Street, near the border of Evanston and Skokie.

Police said the woman's car was surrounded by Evanston and Skokie officers, and she was taken in to custody. Charges are pending against the woman, who had minor injuries from the incidents.

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cripes.  so sorry to hear about this.  I was touring the Green Bay trail and then the NBT at the time.

Where is this article from? The Evanston news blog says the cyclist is listed in "critical condition," I'd be VERY happy to know this isn't the case.

This happened right by my house and I walked thtough there as they were scooping up the cyclist and putting him into the ambulance. Blood everywhere and the bike pretty much broken in half, so it certainly didn't look like minor injuries. Very startling and just absolutely awful. Main is also a terrible street for cyclists, even when there aren't any out of control crazy drivers on the road. Not the first time people got hit here. :(

Hope that person never drives again. Ever. I don't see why she should be allowed to.

Just saw the late night ABC update on this and the cyclist is in "serious" condition. Male in his 50s.

He is at St. Francis with critical head injuries, according to the articles that I have read...

Just horrible

I'm sure that somehow it wasn't the driver's fault.

I'm hoping that the fact report that the cyclist wasn't taken to a major trauma center means his injuries weren't as bad as they sound.

I've seen multiple news accounts on this unfortunate incident. Most listed the cyclist's condition as critical, one said serious. One of the accounts said that he was in intensive care. Whoever he is, I hope that he's able to make a good recovery.

From the news stories, this sounds like a driver who should NOT be behind the wheel of a car - ever.

Extremely scary. That area of Evanston is not far from my house - I ride and run through there all the time. Chicago is a very common route for bicyclists as it becomes Clark Street at the Chicago city limits at Howard.

Thoughts and prayers are with the bicyclists and all those affected by this.

The cyclist, in his 50s, was taken to St. Francis Hospital in critical condition with head injuries. His condition has since been upgraded to serious and stable condition.

Thanks for the update.

The cyclist is my boss. He called me on face time shortly after getting out of the ICU. He is pretty dinged up but was coherent and they are letting him sleep which is a good sign. I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he'll get home and back to work soon.


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