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Suggestions needed! Bike themed music that touches on homelessness, social justice...

I am looking for some great and funky songs featuring  any lyrics or mention of bicycles, homelessness or social justice.  I realize this is a tall order but i am hoping that Chainlinker's can help me put together a musical tribute. I hope to have a parades worth of cool music that fits this bill in time for Memorial Day. (Thanks Howard, I have a Sound Cycle) The Ride For Shelter group (SW CHICAGO PADS) and I thank you!

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Thanks, they are good picks. I think I'll use them. More from anyone?

M.A.R.K. said:
Fifteen - evolve
Fifteen - land
fifteen - petroleum distillate
J. Weigh - cry(for the homeless kids)
Hi Ken,

For parades a short playlist may do if you are playing for stationary spectators as you pass by. 3 good songs in rotation can be sufficient.

For a bike ride where the audience is coming along I typically shoot for 15 to 20 tracks per hour of expected play time. A little more if I want to be able to skip some tracks to tailor the playlist to the mood of the moment.

I've been collecting music for Critical Mass rides for several years and have quite a bit that would likely work. Do you have a preference or dislike for any particular genres or time periods?

To find music I like using "last fm" and amazon on the internet, along with googling song titles for lyrics.
ozomatli hope & love or Op Ivy's take warning (sorta)
Anything by Fifteen and Jeff Ott. Or Op Ivy. That's really it.
Mr. Wendall by Arrested Development



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