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How do you store your helmets?

Counting Bicycle, Motorcycle, and Hockey helmets i have more than a dozen. 

Does anyone have a good way to store them?  I need to keep them from falling to the ground, but I noticed that I have them spread all around.  Some hanging from bikes, some on shelves, some in cabinets. 

What do you do with your helmets when not wearing?  A good shelving solution?

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Milk crates.

How about 1 (or several) of the spring-loaded / adjustable shower-curtain-rods, then hang the helmets from their straps.
The rods should fit many closets.

-- just a thought --

I have a shelf mounted high on the wall above my bikes.  There's just enough room between shelf and ceiling to fit helmets and shoes, so it doesn't eat up much vertical space.

You have too many helmets. Get rid of some and you won't have a storage problem. :-)

I am using hooks.  

That sounds like a good one, but i think i better go with crates, or hooks or shelves.

Cameron 7.5 mi said:

Get several mannequin heads and use springs to attach them to a shelf. Then you'll have a row of life size boggle heads corresponding to your hobbies.


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