I hesitated to post this in the case that this person is a legitimate seller. But something seemed suspicious. I browse craigslist bikes all the time for fun, and noticed a bunch of nice frames for sale, all listed as in the "North Side". Checking the 'reply' button I saw the same phone number for all of them but different names. The bikes themselves are also different sizes.

here's a list of the links:







...and a few more!

I will have to apologize if this is a legitimate seller, but it seemed weird enough to raise a flag!

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It is all the same red van, same blue sleeping bag.

Three photos reveal IL 'S12 6504', pink expiration sticker. Red Chevrolet Astro Van.

There is also someone I've been watching selling a lot of bikes (only 4 right now) mostly Trek or higher-end brands. The turnover is pretty quick. He lists different locations, i.e., Niles, Morton Grove, Skokie. He misspells the word response in his descriptions. http://chicago.craigslist.org/search/bik?query=responce

I copied the text of this post and sent it to the 25th District Police station. Maybe that will get this nefarious creature off the streets and to not steal bikes.

I'm glad other people agree that it's fishy, validating my concerns.

I'd still like to reiterate, on the chance that the seller is innocent...and I hope they are...hope nothing severe happens.

I posted it out there with a hope that if they are stolen, word will get out and the owners of the bikes might recognize their bike and be able to recover it. I don't think people would do anything severe to them either way - usually best to involve the police once the stolen bike is found.

I posted in the Edge Athlete Lounge members page. Lots of riders/triathletes. We also have a few cops that took notice.

Thanks Shawna! 

There are two names only, Mike and Salo. They show their license plate in photos. I don't see this as suspicious. 

There were actually 3 names previously, I don't remember the last one. Like I said, there are reasons to believe it to be suspicious, and other reasons it might be innocent and legitimate.

Lets not jump to conclusions yet. I agree it's a little fishy but why show your lic. plate? Let's not be judge an jury. 


Van looks similar to the one I would see at Swap-O-Rama with all high end bikes. If they are stolen, I doubt they are from the area.


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