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"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's well past time to make a sticky about the Stolen Bike Registry"

 - Tank-Ridin' Ryan


Well said Ryan.


Done and done.


And sticky too.



Cheers - Lee Diamond

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As the months pass, seasons as well as weather are changing, I'd like to remind everyone about the list of things to do if your bicycle is stolen.

Just a friendly reminder: Here's the list of things to do after your bike is stolen.

File a police report(311)
Facebook (search for stolen bike/bike selling/etc groups) 
Maxwell St. Market
Swap-O-Rama (I was told Thursday is best)
Create flyers and distribute them.
Email Bike Shops.
Create Google Alerts

For a slightly better chance of getting it back, I'd also recommend taking photos and writing up a full description/profile of your bike on Bike Index before someone has the opportunity to possibly steal it.

Remember: The best way to prevent your bicycle from being stolen is to not leave it in a situation where it would be possible. (i.e. cable locks, dark street overnight, unlocked anywhere, etc.)

Thanks for posting this. That pic makes me sad. 

Not even being an Alderman saves your bicycle, or it being inside.

Coming up on the two year anniversary of this one getting stolen. Please continue to look out for it.

There is a viewing of a large amount of stolen bicycles at the 15th district station today and Saturday.

Bring any info and receipts for recovery.

5701 w. Madison Friday 7/15/16 till 7pm, Saturday 7-16-16, 8am-3pm.

Thanx for posting!  This is really important.

CHICAGO – The Chicago Police Department’s Asset Forfeiture Unit conducted a search warrant on June 30, 2016 in the 5600 block of West Augusta Blvd. The target of the search warrant admitted to selling stolen items for the past ten years.


Jerome Brown, 53, of the 5600 block of West Augusta Blvd., was charged with one count of felony theft/stolen/ > $500 < 10,000.  The Asset Forfeiture Unit was provided with information that the offender had been selling stolen items out of his home.  The unit utilized undercover officers to corroborate these facts in order to obtain a search warrant.


It was discovered that the offender had established a large-scale trafficking operation from the home.  The types of items recovered include (but are not limited to) bicycles, snow blowers, landscaping equipment, chainsaws, ladders, construction grade equipment, power tools, and tool boxes.


Victims who have had property stolen are invited to view the recovered items in the 015th District Police Station Community Room, located at 5701 W. Madison Ave.  Viewing will be available on Friday July 15th from 7:00am to 7:00pm as well as Saturday July 16th from 8:00am to 3:00pm.


It appears that the items originated in the Cook County area.  Victims attending the viewing should bring identification, proof of purchase, copy of police report, as well as any evidence related to their loss (i.e. video, pictures, or witnesses).  Detectives will be in attendance to assist victims with recovering their property.

Is anyone going down to see this weekend? I know it's a longshot, but I'm looking for the bicycle above...

'Curtis Davis found his chopper, (a customized bike) which was stolen five years ago.'
"You all made my day," said Davis. I am going to ride it all day long."

Did anyone else recover their stolen bike? I wonder what becomes of what's left? Auction?

8-8-16 Lake View bike thief caught on camera. (Barry and Paulina) Thief steals vintage bike.

I saw this a few days ago. Even if you have a u-lock and make sure the sign you lock to is securely bolted... don't only lock through a wheel. It takes a few seconds with a multi-tool to loosen two 15mm nuts and remove the front wheel. 

I swung by later on and the whole thing was gone so I assume nothing bad happened. But still.


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