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Hi Chicago friends, I had my SE Lager bike stolen out of a garage in Wicker Park today and would really love to see it back. The bike truly means a lot to me and has been my favorite thing since I bought it in 2009. Really. I've been caught talking to it on more than one occasion and even though where I'm living right now has a locked in backyard I still carry it up 3 flights of stairs every night so I can lock it up right outside my back door. I filed a police report and will be combing through Craigslist to see if it comes up but I would really appreciate all the eyes I can get looking out for it. There are two stickers on the frame that say "Bike Winter" and "I Dream On Two Wheels" and a bracket on the top tube for a bike lock. I've seen this same bike only 2 or 3 other times and my hope is that it is conspicuous enough to draw your attention if you see it out on the road. Thank you!

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Hey Alice! Sorry for your loss...Here's a list of things to do that can increase your chances of getting your bicycle back.

Thank you!! 

NO! I really hope you find it! definitiely read Jaik S. list of things to do, Bike Index in particular helps people recover their bikes, if you have instagram they'll repost your picture. So far nothing on Craigslist or FB Chicago Bike selling. 

Thank you so much for the tips and help looking! I appreciate it from the bottom of my broken heart

This is horrible.  Sorry to hear :(  Will keep eyes open in SL.


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