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We've had some discussion lately about the need for more bike facilities on the southwest. Folks have spoken up about Archer and other streets.  I welcome your constructive comments and ideas here. 

The next Mayor's Bike Advisory Council meeting is coming up in a few weeks. If you have issues you'd like me to raise there, please speak up here!

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When they created that bypass at Roosevelt, they really ruined Clark. Now I see a lot of people riding on the sidewalk in that area.

You might try going north on Wabash from 18th.  Pretty nice buffered lanes for most of the way.  Also, you can pick up Plymouth Court right near Polk and have a nice ride to 14th, or vice-versa.  Those are two routes I use a lot going back and forth from downtown.  Sorry to stray off-topic.

Check out this map on timeoutchicago :
Archer and Ogden getting some love.
"The map shows that Archer and Ogden avenues are tremendously popular Southwest Side roads for cyclists..."
Also, running and biking(on the sidewalk) around Midway airport is very popular. But drivers treat the streets surrounding it as if they were on a highway. That's the problem with having an airport in the middle of a residential area.

I really think that Midway needs a better bike network. It's a major transit hub and employer for southwest siders and the bike racks there are usually pretty full. Imagine how many more people would ride bikes to Midway station if there were bike lanes connecting Clearing, Archer Heights, etc. SAFELY to Midway.

I agree. I think that having a safe network of routes for access to Midway station would be HUGE - with a lot more bike parking.  How many people who park bikes at Midway regularly might be willing to pay a nominal fee for bike lockers? I'll bet there's some demand for more secure bike parking there.

I've lived right off Archer by 35th for 7 years now and ridership has been increasing expidentially every year. It's rough seeing older cyclists, particularly a large number of elderly Chinese woman, trying to handle the traffic. They barely get a break and are forced onto the sidewalk. 

I don't envy the older folks (women or men) who I see trying to deal with that traffic.

I can only imagine that ridership on Archer would go through the roof if the city ever decided to treat it the way they treat angle streets on the north side.

:)  That would be a beautiful thing.

(clap emojis)

Got some good news from yesterday's MBAC meeting.  Steel plates are in the works for the Loomis bridge next year. Yeah!!!!

That is great news. Thanks Anne!

Was there any mention of the north of the canal section of Loomis? CDOT's 2014 Bike Map indicates that it has a bike lane, and it does have a solid white line, but no other indications that it is a bike lane. Drivers, especially now that volume has increased with the start of the school year, often use it as a passing lane making for frustrating other drivers and putting cyclists at risk.


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