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South side riders - how about an update on major south side routes?

In recent weeks, portions of Vincennes, 83rd St. and South Shore Dr. have been repaved.

Vincennes has gotten its striping, but from what I've seen in the section I observe most often, it's got no bike lane symbols or posts yet.

If you've had a chance to ride Vincennes, 83rd St., and/or South Shore in the last 2 weeks, please respond here about conditions you've observed.  Where have you seen new pavement?  Are bike lanes striped?  Are bike lane symbols in the lanes? Are posts (protected lanes) in place?

How has driver behavior been in these newly repaved areas, especially where lanes have been altered from previous patterns?  I'd love to hear from you, especially if you provide info before 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday 9/11 (Mayor's Bike Advisory Council meeting).

On a related note, is anyone considering a bike commute using one or more of these streets due to repaving/restriping?  Maybe we could get some new bike buddy partnerships going. 

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South Shore Drive is extra smooth and brightly striped with double lines and bike symbols between 79th and the path.  Drivers are back to moving quickly, but without the evasive maneuvers of dodging potholes at 45mph.  76th east of Jeffrey has also been repaved and is nice to ride on (no bike lane, but I prefer it to 75th).  

I commute daily on south shore drive -> LFP -> 31st.  The whole ride has gotten about 300% better in the last two years.  I also like the Protected lane (despite its broken bollards) on 31st and the splits in the path between 31st and 47th. 

Thanks for the update. I need to check out South Shore now that it's finally rideable again.  I also like the lane on 31st.

Does anyone have an update on 83rd St.?

Where was it resurfaced?  I haven't noticed it east of cottage grove.

The resurfaced section is between the Ryan and Cottage Grove.

*bump*  Even if you see this after today's meeting, it would be great to hear about what you've observed.


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