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Sometimes I get tired of people shoaling when I ride the Divvy

It's truly a humbling experience to have riders cut in front of me at the red light every day on my Divvy morning commute. Just because I wear the business attire doesn't mean I'm a square, does it?

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I think there's also the matter of Divvy not being as far-reaching into all neighborhoods yet. Hopefully Divvy will have a better distribution this year and people can get shoaled on blue bikes city-wide.

Funny thing is I'm actually born and raised in a third world country. I spent 3 years time in the states for my master's degree and now a consulting job. I'm pretty much in tune with the absurdity of first world problems. Not sure I even mentioned there was a problem here, just a humbling experience :) 

As cyclists we are already kind of a fringe class of individuals, its just specially humbling to be a part of a subclass (Divvy riders) looked down upon by an already sometimes perceived subclass of individuals. 

Resign yourself that they are most likely better than us.... Lay the bike in front of them and go get a Mocha Java... that is what i do

Watch the video.  It's not even a Divvy bike.  The poster wants you to think it is.  Instead, he is just exhibiting rude behavior that pisses off drivers and gives the rest of us a bad reputation.

I was going to say, "nailed it!" but this sincerely peaked my interest. #1: Why do I want you to think it is a Divvy? The title of the video is "I ALMOST rode a Divvy". Which implies I didn't. I also go the extra mile to show that I don't immediately go for the Divvy, I go for my bike after looking at it. #2 What exactly is rude behavior that pisses off drivers and gives a bad rep? I do that route often and I greet many of the people on the way, including the food truck I go by. Been in Chicago for a year and a half now and I've never had a driver angry at me. I stop at all red lights even though most don't and I'm generally pretty chill. As you can tell, I'm not a hardcore commuter so I'm never really in a rush. Divvy does it for me most of the time. Moreover, 99% of this video did not involve any roads. I'm baffled! :)

And just to clarify for those utterly confused. The whole idea behind that video is that I sometimes get tired of using the Divvy, so I go for my personal bike, like I showed in the video. So incredibly surprising to see how that can be so confusing to some. Its fun, regardless :)

It's totally rude, you make me want to have a mountain bike! 

If you haven't been there already check out the garden

I have been there. Unfortunately my skills are not enough for the big line yet. Its also more BMX oriented, but they have a sweet pump track in the back. Props to the builders there, quite the hidden gem.

Marcelo is in his second year as a Chainlink ambassador and this is what I know - he is an excellent cycling ambassador for Chicago. As he mentioned, he is very chill and rides in a respectful way. 

He showed the CL ambassadors and the racing team this video and we all love it. If you knew him in person, you'd know, Marcelo is very polite and kind. Also, he makes pretty amazing videos, does beautiful photography and is a pretty great mountain biker. 

... so why are the good folks in Divvy's shoaling me (on a regular bike) all the time, and then re shoaling at the next intersection, and so on? Now that is annoying. I have serious love for all the Divvy riders out there, no hate, and obviously this remote online post won't change anything, but come on!

hahaha. Maybe you need to start a new thread something like, "Dear Divvy Riders, Please Don't Shoal. You Are Riding a Tank. Love, A Fellow Cyclist"

hahaha on behalf of Divvy riders, I apologize for that. Its been interesting to learn through this thread that some Divvy riders will shoal other Divvy users and now that Divvy riders may also shoal regular riders.

I guess we can safely conclude that ITS NOT THE BIKE, as some have pointed out, it is definitely all about the rider :) 

Your steps riding reminded me of this guy.



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