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On my way home tonight I had a valet for a club on Milwaukee almost open a door into me , having already lost 1/2 a tooth this week on a bike I am a little high strung so there where words about what, exactly, the law about the bike lane and doors is; I will admit my words may have been harsh. One of the clubs door men showed up and started to yell at me and told me, and I quote, 'fuck you get out of here no one cares about you, you're bike or your fucking lane.' I told him clearly what the law was and that his valet was in the wrong and that if he wanted to call the cops they'd tell him the same thing, it is illegal to open a door into traffic and I AM TRAFFIC!

No surprise this fell on deaf ears, I was informed I could fuck the law, fuck Chicago and fuck myself and that when I left he was going to get in his car and run me over and kill me, damn near exact words. In what was not my wisest moment I told him to go get his car and try it because I was looking forward to the cops arresting him for attempted manslaughter. He called me a pussy and said he'd kick my ass and I told him to bring it, he called me a pussy again. I explained to him that he was the guy threatening me with his fists and a car but doing nothing about it and started to ride off slow, he followed me at a trot so I paced him to see what was up, a block from the club he pulled a knife out and charged me from between the parked cars.

I hauled ass up a couple of blocks to get away and called the CPD.

Mad props to the 14th for showing up lights and sirens pretty damn quick. The officers took my statement and immediately stormed the club in force looking for the specific doorman but he had left quickly upon their appearance. The officer I first spoke to came up and discussed the issue with me and let me know he knew who I was describing and that he was a chronic issue and assured me that he would see him again and would make it clear the behavior was not right and would not be tolerated and asked me how far I wanted to take it all. I told him that if it was wanted I would go to court but that truth be told I was glad for the quick response and action because even if they didn't catch him it shows that the cops do give a shit about cyclists and even if there are no charges the guy knows his actions where wrong and can generate a FAST police response.

The officer responded by thanking me, letting me know that despite it not always looking like it most cops gave a shit about cyclists and recognized our right to the road. He then made mention that he wished we obeyed traffic signals and stop signs better because so often when an accident happens the car wins and many times the cyclist is in the wrong because of a stop sign or light violation have no chance of compensation. He also commented that it was excellent I rode with both front and rear lights and bade me a good evening.

Truth be told this may have been the most pleasant police experience I have had in my entire 33 years.

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What club???
Hopefully, V Live's liquor license will be suspended soon, since a patron was shot to death in the club
I go by that place all the time. I like Milwaukee's smooth pavement since the resurfacing. And on early Saturday mornings the departing swarms sometimes make me wish I had taken Elston or Clybourn instead. I've never seen knives, gunshots or real violence going by but there are too many overly hopped up folks hopping in and out of too many cars and SUVs. I've seen enough drunken stupidness there that it was the first place that popped to mind as I started reading your story.
Glad you're ok.


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