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'Farley Fat Tire', Trek, Check! !

Sure, and if they had named it the Chris, Bob, Steve, or Tim, Trek would have had a much better argument.  They didn't.  They named a fat tire bike that looks kinda goofy after a comedian that was a fat guy known to act and look goofy.  It's a connection people were intended to make.

Tribute? Maybe, but Trek has deep enough pockets that they can compensate people for the marketing campaigns and branding they develop (which they now have, so....).  

I find this humorous. I have a Trek Farley and I named it Chris...slow, big and a ton of fun. Yep a tribute to the late comedian. 

Not nearly as fun as a Blue Cycles Joliet Jake (if there were such a thing.) Of course, Kona (home of Jake the Snake and Major Jake) would have a thing or two to say about such a development. Built for jumping the 95th Street Bridge, shredding vacant shopping malls and eluding law enforcement.

What is this about ? I can't find any articles to refer to. Thank you.

Ah, thank you ! Yeah, tempest in a teapot.

The Trek bicycle company has agreed to $ettle a cease and desist order for monetary damages to the next of kin of the late SNL comedian Chris Farley for their contention that the company used his 'characteristic brand' for a fat tire bike version that Trek sold for years.

Trek is big enough that they should have known better.  They could have easily reached out to the family and the organization that's been set up, and probably licensed it for a reasonable amount (the family settled after all) with everyone happy about it, but Trek didn't and tried to get away with it for free. 

I wouldn't cry too hard for them, and the Farley family was well within their legal rights to challenge this. 


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