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The video the GoPro recorded this evening after work - riding north on Dearborn... the amount of unisex shoaling was so overwhelming... I actually yelled out on Dearborn and Whacker - SHOALERS!

Almost every intersection had women and men and Divvy shoalers. 


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Heh, I didn't know Clint Eastwood starred in that show. Go ahead, punk shoaler, make my day!

Oh my god, I'm laughing my ass off.  You have a talent for songwriting.

Does it count as shoaling if the person ahead of you stops 10 feet before the big white stripe? I hope not, as when confronted with that situation this morning I went ahead and stopped at the line.

I was trying to give the white stripe a respectful distance, SHOALER!!!


Found this pro-shoaling article for you to read while I was recovering.

Yesterday I was leading  a small group  that was not  going fast.  We were on  Damen going  perhaps 12 mph and a person on a Divvy who we had passed a few blocks before then shoaled and got in front  of us. I  waited for traffic to  allow  me so I could  pass the 9 mph Divvy rider.  My group got split as some were not able to pass due to traffic.   I  was thrilled  when  I saw the Divvy turn before we reached the  next light. This was not  a matter of pride or annoyance, it was simply dangerous.  I was going to gently explain this  if we had an encounter at the next light as I felt responsible for the  group I  was leading.

Yesterday after work, I got on Dearborn headed north. At Dearborn and Madison, I got shoaled by a man next to me, on the southbound lane. 

I said: hey, sir

Sir: ???

Me: sir!

(sir, removing his right ear headphone)

Sir: what?!

Me: are you turning left?

Sir: no

Me: then get in line! I don't want you bumping into me when the light turns green (there were three other cyclists behind me)

Light turns green, I just stood there dumbfounded that someone called him out. 


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