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For some reason I was thinking vehicular manslaughter, but in most states they amount for the same thing yeah, just different wording? It reminds me very much of the Matt Wilhelm case, but only involving a motorcycle, not cyclist(and ringtones, not nail polish) where the driver "made several intentional, willful, conscious decisions to disregard the safety of others" ..  Can this set precedent in a cyclists case?

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I wish for everyone who rides on our streets that this woman does (jail) time.

there was a similar case many years ago (when web enabled cell phones were new) where a
teenager was 'downloading ringtones' to her phone when she plowed into a cyclist and killed
him instantly. she didn't think she was doing anything wrong since (to user her words) "All
my friends do it all the time". sheesh.
We have many safety issues in common with motorcyclists. This case is a good example of the vulnerability we share.

I hope her conviction does get the attention of some habitually distracted drivers, but I think it will take more cases like this, and convictions with jail time, to send a consistent message.


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