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Seeking source for professional bike fit - Chicago or North Shore

I recently "managed" to purchase a new road bike, but the shop where I bought it no longer offers bike fit services, due to COVID.

Does anyone know of a source for this? I found this invaluable when I bought my last bike several years ago, but that place no longer does them either.

Thank you!

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I recently had Adam at Peregrine Bike Studio do an on-bike fit for a bike I had previously purchased from another shop. I am very pleased with the results. They are running a very COVID safe operation at the moment, requiring appointments and only allowing a few people in the shop at a time, masking, etc. 

They offer several different fitting services and also can fit different length stems, bars, etc if something needs to change.

Thank you so much!

Just had my fit with Adam at Peregrine last night.  Can confirm he did a great job.

Thank you.


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