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seeking safe route suggestions for my evening commute (now that it's getting dark earlier....)

Hey all. I started a new job this summer, and have been enjoying my bike commute thusfar. However, now that it's getting dark earlier and earlier, I'm beginning to wonder about the safety of my route. The cold of winter does not deter me from biking, but the early darkness and my evening commute through somewhat unfamiliar neighborhoods does give me pause about safety.....

I live in Albany Park and work at two different locations on the south side: one at 55th and the Dan Ryan and the other at 47th and Langley. Any recommendations on the safest routes for my commute home?

For my commute home from 55th/Dan Ryan I've been taking 55th to Halsted to Elston, but am wondering if 55th the south portion of Halsted is a safe route in the dark at 6 or 7 at night?

For my commute home from 47th and Langley I've been taking the Lakefront Path all the way north to Montrose, but as it gets dark earlier I'm planning to take 47th to MLK Blvd north and then work my way over to Halsted (following the Chicago Streets for Cycling map). Is this my safest option?

Thanks for any advice....


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I've occasionally ridden (until my manager told me not to) from North/Elston to 51st/Dan Ryan for work occasionally, and after going down Elston/Milwaukee I've used both Halsted and State. State was slower (gotta get through downtown), and I preferred Halsted. This was all during the day, though - no nighttime. I got an "oh no you didn't!" from one woman there the first time I did it, and she said some of what I went through was pretty ghetto (her word.) To my eyes and gut it was better than neighborhoods of Detroit I've ridden through day and night with no worries, but I know that city better. I am male, though. My sense of the route was that as long as you didn't see groups of young men hanging out and looking itchy then it would be fine. I can't think of any better routes except perhaps State.

I would have to say the wilson to the LFP is your best bet on safety as for south of the Museum campus ask one of the folks from active trans... they helped me in the past get from point A to B safely



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