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Hi! I have been out of the loop (literally) for seven years and now that I am working in the Loop again, I am really dismayed to find that the Bike Station in Millennium Park is no more. Where are people parking their bikes downtown these days? I need to find someplace safe as my office building does not have a bike room. Thanks!

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I tweeted this out the Streetsblog Chicago account, so you may get some info from that:

Some of the downtown 'L' stations have indoor or sheltered bike racks. Check out the CTA map and look for the bike wheel symbol by the station location.

There also used to be a bike parking room at the We Work space at 210 N. Green St. in the West Loop that the public could pay a membership to use. The space is changing hands soon so I'm checking in with the new manager to find out if that will be available to the public in the future.


John Greenfield, Streetsblog Chicago

If you want to tell me roughly what part of the Loop you need to park in, I heard from a Streetsblog reader who says he knows a few secure/indoor parking option.


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