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John Kerry, US Secretary of State, Injured in Cycling Crash in Europe

Secretary of State John Kerry injured in biking crash in Europe. Broken leg.

A spokesman said Kerry, 71, broke his right femur, near the site of a prior hip replacement surgery. No one else was involved in the accident, which occurred when Kerry hit a curb with his bicycle.

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In the cnn  footage doesn't it look like he cycles with a bullet proof vest?

Yes, he is a very high ranking US official. The secret service escorts really didn't help him out much by warning him of obstacles that he was approaching.

Props to him, I hope I'm still cycling at 71.

I've read in years past that he's done the Pan-Mass Challenge a number of times and is a fairly serious cyclist.  I wouldn't expect someone inexperienced to be attempting the ride he was doing at the time of his crash.

And now Rush Limbaugh is bloviating about this. Charming as always. ;)

Ah, the irony....  Yeah, I always look to the Windbag-in-Chief for fitness advice. ;)

I assume he's still deaf judging from the bile that comes out of his mouth.  He just can't hear the garbage he's spewing.

A comment I saw on Facebook said "It may interest Mr. Limbaugh to know that 81 riders over the age of 70 participated in last year's DALMAC." (and the same is true for a lot of these weekly rides...)




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