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Hi everyone,

My wonderful Scott Sub 45 Hybrid was stolen this morning in Lincoln Park. If you see her on Craigslist, etc. please let me know. She has all kinds of modifications: a black rear rack, a silver front basket, reversible pedals (clipless on one side, flat on the other), and a cushy Terry seat. I know it's a long shot, but I'd love to find it if I can.



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That really sucks. Adding this to our email today. Please check this out:

Zach Schneider gave some great advice, "Yeah you should also check Swap O Rama ( and Craigslist ("

Definitely check this out:

Thank you so much! 

My condolences.  I mean, what can you really do when they cut through a U-lock like that?  I hope you get your bike back.      

Thank you! 



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