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I just installed a fancy new saddle on my ride and I've been wondering what most chainlinkers do about security?  I commute nearly every day (Loop and sometimes Logan Square), so security is important to me.

I have replaced my QR seatpost spike with an allen key style, but I see some people just take their seats with them, and others lock seats down with cables.

So: do you lock your saddle to your bike, take it with you, use a security QR spike, or something else?

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Chunk of bike chain encased in a narrow inner tube?

Tethers (old bike chain or cable), allen bolts with ball bearing glued into them, or pitlocks are all deterrents. If it's a saddle the theft of which would reduce you to tears, the only way to be sure is to take it with you.

I use a super thin plastic-coated cable (I think it is this wheel tether: with a tiny $2 hardware store padlock. It runs through my saddle rails and through the leather loops on my saddlebag. Forget bolt cutters, you could probably cut this thing with a decent pair of scissors. But it's kept at least one person from stealing my saddlebag (they got as far as unbuckling it before realizing that it was locked on), so it's worth it to me.

You'd think the padlock would rattle around but it doesn't at all.

Mine is attached with an allen bolt rather than a quick release, and gets covered with an ugly plastic bag when I leave it.

I use a chain to lock my bike and run it through the saddle rails as well since it's a Brooks and would most certainly reduce me to tears if it was stolen. Also, I used the plastic bag trick when working downtown. I would park it for the whole day at Wabash and Washington, before using a chain, and leave it with the plastic bag. At first it was just so that it wouldn't get messy in the snow/rain/sludge. But I soon realized the value of my saddle (and bike) looking kind of cheap :)

My quick-release saddle has a slit in the middle that the U-lock fits through, so I just take it off and lock it up with the bike.

I have pinheads for front wheel, back wheel, and seat post. But my saddle is nothing special 

After reading about a few of these being defeated in the stolen bike reg, I relegated my abus folding link lock to securing my saddle. It slips pretty easily through both rails and if I am locking to a U shaped bike rack I can usually secure it right to the rack, this a Ulock and a separate new york lock from kryponite leaves me hope that they will move on to an easier target. It just sucks carrying about 15 lbs to secure my 15 lb bike



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