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Yep. I'm lookin' to start doing some bike camping. I've got the wanderlust. Would anyone else be interested in hitting the road some weekend after work, say early afternoon on a Friday and hitting the road to parts more rural for an overnighter? I've been looking at some areas I'd like to hit around Chicago - talking at least 40 miles outside of the city proper. I'm thinking either cycling out to wherever, or riding Metra and then biking to wherever the camp site would be. Ideally, the ride should be somewhere with historical or natural significance of some sort. One area I'd like to visit would be Volo Bog, but it doesn't look like there's any camping there. Don't know about camping maybe nearby there. Another place I'd like to ride would be the bike path along the 60 miles of the I&M Canal. That'd be good one to ride Metra to get close then ride the path out one day, then back the next. Anyone else have any suggestions? I'm thinking of starting these rides up sometime in September and continuing through the beginning of November possibly, depending on weather, my camping gear, etc.

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Riding up to Il. State Beach park in Zion if a great starter ride.  It parallels the metra for the whole trip so baling out if you have a mechanical is pretty easy.  

A group of us is going there is upcoming weekend before heading to the Renaissance Faire.

Illinois beach is the closest campsite I can think of, too, but if there's anything along the I&M that would be a good option, too.  I need to get used to packing and unpacking for a trip in October and was thinking of some trips to Illinois Beach or even Racine as the weather gets cooler.

Just happened to look here today and saw this thread. It might be a little dated, but I made a map of several campsites and including Metra routes on the map to help you plan your trip.

You can find it here:

I've been to Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit and Bong Recreational Area in Wisconsin and Illinois Beach State Park numerous times in Illinois.  To whomever was suggesting Volo Bog, Did you know Chain o' Lakes State park is close to Volo Bog? I plan to go to Pinewoods Campground in Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit the weekend after Labor Day when it's not quite so busy.  Be warned that campgrounds can be scarce this Labor Day weekend, especially since Milwaukee will be hosting the 110th Anniversary Celebration of Harley-Davidson.  Many of the motorcyclists may well be camping.

I've done an S24O to Channahon State Park from the western suburbs. I want to again, but life keeps getting in the way. Feel free to contact me for details.



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