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The construction by Roosevelt and Michigan looks completed last weekend, but I am super confused how the new bike lanes work on Roosevelt.  It looks like the new bike lanes between Wabash and Michigan are on the same side.  And there's no barriers from pedestrians.  If I am coming down from Canal, at what point do I get onto the new bike lanes?  

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They haven't painted the bike lanes yet.  I think the idea is that eastbound cyclists will have to cross to the north side of Roosevelt at Wabash.  Here's a rendering:

As for the "no barriers from pedestrians" ... the green paint (and the columns of trees) might help people sort out what's sidewalk and what's bike lane, but I'm prepared for everything from the Red Line station to the park to be a massive fustercluck, especially on weekends.  Just hoping not to witness anybody falling into the sharp edges on those nice new benches.

Even when painted that area is going to be a cluster. The cars are not happy with the Roose headed east being squeezed at State and then that weird dip after Wabash with the gas station. Where are you trying to go? Harrison is a lot calmer to take east from canal. Yea, the post office will have folks parking in the bike lane, but as a whole a lot less confusion from the drivers. You can take Harrison to Wabash and then south to Roose (albeit a bit just west of Wabash is local traffic only).

jfc when will ATA realize Chicago is not nor will ever be Amsterdam?  We're not getting on our town bikes and cruising 3 km @ 15 kph.  The majority of ridership in that area are likely commuters and traveled a distance to get there.   If you've biked 7 miles from say Logan Square to get to South Loop the last thing you want is have to play pedestrian frogger for a quarter mile because urban "planners" that it would be cute.

it does feel like living in somebody's experiment... I second the Harrison vote

I have no idea where the Roosevelt bike lane around Wabash will be. I do know if you are eastbound on Roosevelt from Halstead (then canal) and are at Wabash, you should offer thanks to deity of your choice for being alive.


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