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My errand was the most fun I've had since this stay-at-home thing started. I am so glad I got a bunch of masks. We've had the requirement in shops, etc. for a while now. Doctors are saying social distancing isn't going away any time soon so I think we're looking at a new normal, new ways to going shopping, and a new way of living. It's a big adjustment. I'm sure even bigger and more profound for kids and their parents. 

Ok, so here's the fun part, post those masked pics! We received some on our FB page:

Matt Duxbury on Busse Woods Bridge

Nora Rojas on McCormick Trail

Me (picking up St. Germain for my family game night cocktails)

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. :-)

After 6 miles out of Pilsen, I had to move mine down to my neck. Was hard to breathe. But I wear it always outside when I am walking the dogs, grocery store, stealing hubcaps, and putting bubble gum on door locks. 

understandable. I had a bit of the same challenge when climbing hills. I moved off the road and gave myself a little mask break after I got up to the top of a little series on my ride. 

If I have space and no one is around me, I do pull it down from time to time because that's super low risk but if I am around others, I wear it at all times.


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