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Of course, it's a speaker or only in one ear. Let's not devolve into a debate on how we listen to tunes, k?

Ok, that said. I have a "cadence mix" I used to use when I did training rides. 

What music makes you happy when you ride?

I'll throw a few out there - I like listening to ELO e.g. "Turn to Stone", "Livin' Thing", "Don't Bring Me Down", "Mr. Blue Sky"

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I love an excuse to create a mix-tape, but I only listen to inner earworms while cycling. Sorry.

But if I DID, I think Kraftwerk is an obvious selection. You know the track.

hahaha. Awesome. Having high school flashbacks now...

I like the bass line in it. :-)

Along these lines - "Satyagraha," Seven Seconds.

Thumbs up - that one's on my "Kuma Commuting Songs" playlist.  

Hey, what about "Sweet Talkin' Woman"?

"upbeat happy cadence tune"  (3:26)

'Born to be Alive'  Patrick Hernandez

For the record, I sing... I do not listen to music while riding.  I'd like others to not ride with headphones but it's your life, do as you will.

Thanks for your permission.

Let me know if you need my permission for any other action.  I will make decisions on a case to case basis.


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