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Riding on Lower Wacker without helmet/lights/reflectors: Isn't that suicidal?

I was on Lower Wacker Drive this morning and there was a cyclist (with cyclist cap and beard on a road bike) riding down Lower Wacker Dr (w/b > s/b side) without a helmet, lights or even reflectors. I couldn't tell for sure, but I think he even had earbuds in. I understand that some of the messengers believe they are hardcore, but isn't this behavior incredibly stupid? 

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How thick was his beard?

Pretty thick.

What pants was he wearing?

Were his rims a deep V section?

what song was he listening to?

Did he yell "can't stop, don't want to"?

I think riding on lower wacker drive most of the time is, itself, pretty crazy.  Late nights and weekends it's one thing but during business hours I consider it off limits.

Was he riding a red specialized ?

This one dude was riding a red Fuji fixy with no brakes and a soda pop in one hand rolling down Lake street crossing Franklin street during rush hour making a left down Post Place into Lower Wacker.

Soel said:

Was he riding a red specialized ?

Is your guy Philip?

Haters gonna hate.

From the guess who  game

Davo said:

Is your guy Philip?


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