Hi All:

I wanted to reach out to Chicagoland cyclists to seek some guidance in my upcoming personal ride through America's Diabetes Belt - https://epic-challenge.org/epic-diabetes-belt/

It'll be a 1,300km ride from Chicago to Atlanta in late May.  From Chicago, I plan to ride to Joliet and to Champaign the following morning.  Next destinations are Rockville & Terre Haute.  I am looking for some help in acquiring local knowledge regarding fastest and safest routes for a road bike and perhaps chance to ride with some of you during the early stage/s of my journey.


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Edwin, your story of managing your diabetes with "bike therapy" is inspiring. Best of luck on your travels.

Thanks Curt. Cycling have turned my health around in a huge way.

An ambitious ride!

I have no personal experience with riding in this part of the country. However, whenever I have done a multi-day bike trip, I've never felt that I spent too much time in advance looking at road conditions on Google Maps. It's a phenomenal resource for figuring out which roads have adequate shoulder space, etc.

Alex, thanks for the advise. Been looking at GM. Great resource for the most part although many times it recommends roads that do not have any street view data.

Good point, especially in more rural areas.

Some states have bicycle guides; if not easily found online you might try calling the states' transportation departments. Though my experience in Connecticut was that the roads "recommended" by the state were among the worst I rode on on my east-coast bike trip.

That's a great idea. I'm hoping I can engage local cyclist that are familiar with the roads. I plan on taking routes to bigger town in hopes many have ridden those roads. Also, would be nice to ride with other cyclists along the way.

As of right now thinking will be starting from Millennium Park area...  Close enough to where you started.  I will review.

Thanks for all your input!

Got my maps this AM from Illinois Department of Transportation.  Homework to connect road with paths.  Thanks!

Will you be looking for places to stay? Look into the Warm Showers List!


Thanks Bob. Looks interesting. I'll check it out.

My son has Type 1 diabetes, can't bike that away. You must be Type 2. Good luck on your ride. Stay safe.

I have type 1.  Diagnosed back in my 20's.  Cycling is a life-changer in managing my condition.  This is why I'm doing this ride.  Would love to meet your son.  How old is he?

See - https://epic-challenge.org/epic-diabetes-belt/



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