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Hi, my name is Waymond Smith. I’ve been a member of the biking community in Chicago for a number of years, ranging in activities from teaching bicycle mechanics and bicycle safety for youth in North Lawndale of Chicago, volunteering for a biking organization in Pilsen that ships bicycles to countries in Africa, Central and South America and I’m active in promoting bicycling advocacy in the Chicago area.
I’m seeking funding to perform a fund-raising ride along the Pacific Coastline from the Canadian/US border (Vancouver, BC Canada) to the US/Mexican border (Tijuana, Mexico) in order to raise funds for bicycle organizations that provide or assist youth based bicycle programs in Chicago.
Click on the link to the GoFundme account for more information and to donate.
You can also visit my Facebook page for information:
This video from West Town Bikes exemplifies how biking programs can transform youth.
Thank you
Waymond Smith

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1000 miles is a merely a trifle for Mr. Smith!

Waymond:  We met at the Critical Mass bike ride last Friday, 6/24 and you told me about your planned trip down the west coast.

Some enlightenment from my trip:

This may include incorrect information about the pictures.  They're located here:

That's only down to San Francisco; I'll see if I can dig up more from previous trips, from San Francisco on south.


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