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In a follow up on the powerful editorial (that may have had something to with some of the construction barriers getting removed), they have asked for our help (specifically, The Chainlink!!)!

Do you have any video of crashes or near misses by motorists that you can share here so that Mitch from the Sun-Times can include it in an upcoming story?  

Thanks for your help! I'd love to help build on that momentum to improve safety for people riding bikes in the city. 

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I do. Where do I email them to?

Probably the best way to do it is upload them to Vimeo or YouTube and embed them on The Chainlink. Thanks!!

Still want them embedded? I just sent you a direct email with them. 

No worries, I went ahead and sent it to you him with your name.

I prefer it gets posted on CL but I made it work. Thanks for sending all of the videos!

You bet!


This was taken on my commute when I worked for the Sun-Times. I was also in an accident just past this intersection(didn't get it on video). The restaurant at the bottom of this hill used to love to block the bike lane with stuff.

I would if I had a GoPro or the time to take a pic of every single gravel filled water pipe upgrade every bike lane infraction every stupid Uber driver that can't signal...

Yesterday there were 11 cars parked on Montrose beach one guy apparently was driving himself to the bathroom! 

Also "protected bike lanes" are not protected just suggested and since people keep getting killed and injured with a $75 fine at most maybe Rahm can buy that jacket Melania wore in Texas.


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