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Request for Ghost Bike for Joseph Korner, 78, 3559 North Lincoln, November 6, 2014

Joseph Korner, 78, 3559 North Lincoln, November 6, 2014

Reposting as a forum thread (originally posted in the Ghost Bike Group)

My original post:
Hi, I'm hoping for a little help. I was contacted this morning by Lindy Korner, widow of cyclist Joseph Korner who was bicycling north near 3559 North Lincoln in Lakeview when he was hit by a car. She is asking for my help to have a ghost bike built for her husband. Here's the background information:

She reached out to Elizabeth to request a ghost bike and hasn't heard back yet. I realize she must be quite busy, could someone let me know what the best way is to start the process so that Lindy can have a memorial ghost bike set up for her husband? Much appreciated. Thank you.

Since then I learned this is something that is more of a DIY so now I am hoping for a little help with a few of the items:

1. Does anyone have an old bike they can donate as the ghost bike?

2. Recommendations on what paint to get? I assume it is cans of white spray paint. Is that correct?

3. Does anyone have an old lock we can use to lock the bike? 

4. Can anyone check the location to see (and take pics) of a potential place to lock the bike to? From what I understand, we need to make sure it's not locked to signs or a bike rack.

5. If you are able to help, please let me know. I'm hoping to find a solution soon so that we can fulfill Joseph's request for a ghost bike for her husband. 

Thanks, your help is much appreciated. 

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Please plan on the dedication for the new ghost bike for Joseph Korner during the upcoming ride. Lindy confirmed the bike and we are getting it over to the shop for prepping. I've exchanged emails with the alderman's office. We are ahead of schedule at this point.

We plan to install the bike ahead of the ride and dedication. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you.

If it is possible and or feasible before the installation/dedication of the ghost bike for Joseph Korner, that community members who may be able to attend, be notified of the event if the family wishes it to be a public event, or if a private dedication is preferred as their choice. Thank you.


Thank you SO much for picking this project up and actualizing!

I would be happy to volunteer to help you establish, coordinate and install this Ghost Bike.

Feel free to reach out to me @312-324-4198 by either voice or text.

The spirit of Joseph will continue to provide us all with perspective on life, love and the eternal happiness riding a bike provides!


Hi everyone, I'm requesting a little help - I was going to create the sign for the bike but with a family trip to Nebraska this weekend, I won't be around for when the bike is installed. I also need to buy the chain for the bike. We have a few final details...

1. Sign and Chain - does anyone have the nice handwriting and the time to get the sign, chain, and paint to make the sign for the bike? I can PayPal the person money to reimburse for the materials. The goal is to have the bike installed quietly this weekend and the ceremony will take place during the Ride of Silence on the 18th. Lindy gave me the content she would like on the sign.

2. MJ, Thanks so much for painting the bike. Will you please be able to finish and install the bike for this weekend? To confirm, you have a U-Lock we'll use with the chain?

Location - I was thinking the pole in front of the playground (thanks to Anne for the approximate location).

Sorry for the last minute - I've been super busy and unfortunately, didn't realize this weekend conflicted with a family trip. Your help is much appreciated. 


Please also feel free to reach out directly to Chicago ROS for coordination if not on this forum - 

Having scouted the area, there is also a pole on the east side of the street that may be more aligned with the crash site.

Thanks, ~E

Thanks, at this point, I'd prefer to keep our discussion on the forum so everyone can see the thread. 

Which pole are you referring to? 



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