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Is there a system to report uber and lyft drivers whom disobey traffic laws, drive in the bike lanes, and park in bike lanes? I'm noticing substantial increase of terrible driving of uber and lyft drivers in respect to cyclists.

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I notice their bad behavior too. I would think shaming them via Twittr is the best way to go. Both Uber and Lyft probably have ways to punish drivers for being in the bike lanes.  

I once tweeted about a dangerous Uber driver.  Uber responded quickly by sending me a link to file an official complaint online.  In order to report, I was required to log in to my Uber account and choose which ride I was reporting.  The problem:  I was an observer, not a rider, and therefore wasn't able to report the driver.  It seemed like Uber doesn't care if a pedestrian or bicyclist has an issue with a driver, only if a paying customer has an issue.

Exactly. You can report drivers if you ride with them but how to do it if you don't ride with them?

There is a form: That said, I reported a driver a couple of weeks ago for dropping a passenger off in a travel lane, then passing me and cutting me off to pull over to the curb. No response. 

Thanks for this link, I couldn't find it on their website to submit something without logging in. I know it will be doubtful to have a response --- have to try something though.

You can submit a complaint through 311, and the City’s BACP (I don’t remember what it stands for) will follow up. I’ve successfully gotten a few Uber/Lyft drivers fined for violations through this process.

I used Uber's online form last week to report a driver who ran a red light. Their response included this line: "Since you were outside of the trip when it happened, we will not be able to directly warn the driver."

The car also had a Lyft sticker, so I also reported the incident to Lyft's emergency response line. I spoke to someone on the phone about it. Not sure what they'll do with the information, but Lyft definitely seems to take safety incidents more seriously than Uber does (color me surprised...)

also reported the incident to Chicago 311. I'm still in the process of completing the paperwork, but we'll see where that goes.

Friday I saw an Uber driver drive erratically - darting left then right - to get around traffic. She finally had enough of the situation (at this point I turned on my video function) and she drove into the bike lane of Milwaukee, northbound from Des Plaines. Passed everyone up and was back in traffic again about a block south of Ogden. She darted in again (I swear I thought she was going to take someone out.)

I called 911 and reported it when I saw her go into the bike lane the first time. I gave them her plate and description. 

If anyone was affected by a driver of a late model red Toyota Camry, PM me. i will share my comments in a police report.

I was waiting at a red light on Clark when the car stopped behind me inexplicably pulled into the opposing lane and drove through the intersection, cutting off crossing traffic. It stopped just past the intersection to pick up a fare. And, yes, there was an Uber sign in the back window.

I recently reported a Lyft driver as a pedestrian. I used  this and in the drop-down menu I was a passenger then clarified in the Details. 

While crossing the street in a crosswalk with the light in a school zone, the driver failed to stop at the light and making a right turn and almost hit a parent and child... To drop of his fare, a teacher, at the school we were all walking to.

Lyft called and emailed me. (Email from I feel they took the complaint serious.

I think if I were to complain as a cyclist, I would include the law the driver is breaking (like I did before) and photo/video from my gopro since I am always recording so there wasn't any he said/she said.

A big problem I see is I can't tell who they are currently driving for since drivers often drive for both companies with both stickers in the window. 

That's a huge issue with the rideshares - you can't tell who they are driving for at a given time if they are driving for more than one, or whether they are driving on their own time or on the clock.

I have definitely tweeted to @Uber_Chi and @UberSupport the make, model, license plate, location and description of driver behavior. I have received a response everytime.



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