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Is there a system to report uber and lyft drivers whom disobey traffic laws, drive in the bike lanes, and park in bike lanes? I'm noticing substantial increase of terrible driving of uber and lyft drivers in respect to cyclists.

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What was their response? Did Uber staff say they were going to make a note of this and notify the driver of this report about their driving?

The tweet said something along those lines. There were not any follow ups on their end other than replying to me.

Probably just a robot auto-responding.  It never goes anywhere.

I don't know why we think reporting anything to Uber or Lyft will actually work.  They broke the laws to create their companies in the first place. They actively look at ways to circumvent law enforcement (at least Uber did).

Also, drivers are their customers as much as passengers are.  So irritating drivers isn't high on their list until it's a liability (cost) for the company.

I think the complaining to the city (as mentioned elsewhere) is a good idea.  Also, I'd be interested to see how Uber drivers view us in the their forums:

I've updated the Chicago Bike Infrastructure Resources page on my website, Streetsblog Chicago, to include a permanent place for information about reporting bad taxi, Lyft, and Uber drivers. 

Unfortunately there is no information about contacting Uber as I've received conflicting information – from y'all here, and from the Chicago Dept. of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which regulates "TNCs" (transportation network companies).

The 1st District CPD said we should call 911. Seems like overkill, but they'll dispatch someone to write tickets.  I've also tweeted at @Uber_Chi and @Uber_Support but haven't received a response.

Uber just responded with links to the following worthless articles after I sent them 9 license plate numbers of drivers who violated bike lane rules.

I can't imagine Uber doing anything about the issue unless they're forced to in order to keep growing their business. To that end, I wonder if it would be fruitful to document instances of dangerous driving by Uber drivers (given I see multiple instances a day, it would be easy to fill up a notebook) and submit it to our respective alders to put pressure on them to pass ordinances that would demand more accountability from rideshare companies. 

My experience has been the same as others in this thread - the issue has gotten noticeably worse as of late. 

Agreed! The city council is definitely a great place to start. I'll start writing my adlerman.

I'm going to do the same. (writing it here because then I'll feel compelled to actually do it)

I know it feels like screaming at a wall, and I agree unfortunately that Uber and Lyft might not do anything about the complaints initially, but I'd urge people to keep reporting bad drivers through twitter, email, etc.  Someday, if a driver injures someone, an attorney for the injured person is hopefully going to request that Uber and Lyft produce any records regarding whether people complained of safety-related violations by that driver. 

It could help build a case against Uber and Lyft some day to the degree they keep refusing to do anything about known trouble drivers using their systems. 

I actually got a response after I reported an issue and said I was a "passenger". Filled in the specifics of being a cyclist cutoff and almost hit in a PBL by an Uber. May just be lip service, but you never know.

Uber and Lyft Drivers should be painted yellow like taxi cabs. There is a reason why yellow means caution. Right? Would Uber imply something better than an inconspicuous small sticker on a tinted windshield that says I drive way more ridiculous than the majority of traffic on roads? 


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