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One thing that irks me are other cyclists that don't follow the rules. These are the cyclists that give all others who do, a bad name.

Guy at the end... I ended up catching with him. Was it worth it running red lights and a stop sign?

Are you a red light/stop sign runner?

And if so, why?

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How so?

If you can see into the intersection and you are clear it's not really much of a chance now is it?

Yes Doug, most of the the time the 'Russian Roulette Riders' come  through clear but you can sometimes be surprised and miss the taxi/Uber/Lyft/Cager/idiot speeding over the limit trying to get through the yellow or the turn then wham, the bullet was in the chamber and you're gone.  (IMO) It's your own ill advised choice to unnecessarily risk and jeopardize your life and traumatize others to arrive at your destination a few minutes ahead of the others. It's a terrible experience to actually see it once happen up ahead, but if you would not want me to care for a needless loss of life, I would say that would be difficult for most human beings to do. 

Still not Russian Roulette, when running lights you are not at the mercy of random chance; you control what is happening.  

If I get hit cutting a light it is not that the odds finally caught up, it is that I missed seeing the car.

are you actually in control, or are you assuming that things in the universe are totally and infallibly under your control? the unpredictably of fate or the odds of misjudging the actions of others with fatal/serious results is not worth it . . . IMO, it is a version of russian roulette. 

In that case how is entering an intersection on a green not also Russian Roulette?

A red light has never stopped a car.

man is not immortal, life itself is a twisted version of russian roulette. but one must also reduce those chances to live life as long as possible if they have the realization of this wisdom. 

So... I'm not really a fan of taking video of someone (without their knowledge) and publishing it to shame them, calling them an "a**hole" for a few reasons...

  • Video shaming is a bit extreme and maybe better used for when a car puts someone in danger?
  • We can't control what other cyclists do, only what we do ourselves. And there are far more motorists that do bad things e.g. running red, driving while distracted, etc. that put our lives in danger.
  • Life is too short and yeah, there are many, many things that can happen on your commute that are irritating and/or frustrating but hey, life is too short (yeah, just said that but felt it was worth repeating)...

On CL FB page... 

Mark Buettner, "Yea as some hipster wiggles out into 6lanes, I ain’t helping, waiting for accident report, when gets creamed"

Wow, feel the compassion. I think we can all admit we've done some goof moves from time to time on our bikes, no? 

I am 100% certain that I will be cringing often if the whole "life flashing before your eyes" thing includes my rush hour commuting.

Yeah, we've all done goof moves on our bikes and lived and learned from it. I always have a queasy and sobering feeling when I pass the spot where 'my ghost bike' would have been. I don't want to put myself(and family) in that position any longer and hope others from our community wouldn't go there either.

Do you have options on the movie adaptation?



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