I've noticed that our friends at the ATA have become quite vocal in support of red light cameras.  I wonder if camera-love is widespread among their membership base (in which I'm included).  I always ride when I'm not working, but I have to drive on the clock, and I've been nailed twice.  Kinda rubs me the wrong way, especially because Chicago seems to have the shortest yellows I've ever seen.  Opinions?  

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Since this thread started I've been paying closer attention to the red light cam at Damen and Division, where I live. I do not see the camera flash for many incidents that I would personally consider illegal (someone waiting behind the stop line in the left turn lane, turns behind the car in front of him on a yellow/red) or at the very least antisocial (gunning it to make it through a yellow/ red rather than stopping). I really only see the camera flash when someone enters the intersection after the light is already red. Nothing wrong with that imo, and although I am normally someone who would err on the side of civil liberties and privacy, I don't see its relevance here... no one has a right to break the law without being caught.
Slightly OT, but here's an article about a (IMO) more intelligent method of traffic control.
New research from the University of Connecticut suggests that minor reductions in vehicle speed are possible through changes in the street environment. Through the use of roadside parking, tighter building setbacks, and more commercial land uses, road designers can make drivers subconsciously drive more slowly, according to a study of hundreds of roads in Connecticut. It’s a revelatory demonstration of the power of design to change the way people interact with transportation.


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