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Re: Anybody use a Brooks Saddle for long distance touring?


I am interested in getting into touring this summer. I need a new saddle for my touring bike. I have heard good things about Brooks, but when I look at them in the store they seem pretty hard. Also, what about perineum saddle pressure? Some folks say they are super comfortable but others have told me that when their sit bones adjust and sink into the saddle the nose can move up against the perineum causing numbness issues. Any thoughts?

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I am not an expert on the topic but with anything like this it is going to depend on the person. Your results may be different than others and only you can judge how it works out for you. Buy the saddle your interested in and give it a try. I am also interested in a Brooks saddle. I needed panniers and decided on that over the new saddle for now but will get one soon. As far as perineum issues, I recommend cycling tights/inserts/shorts. That way all your good are where they should be but even then I have heard some people having issues with pain. Good luck and hope the Brooks saddle works out.

Don`t be discouraged by the hardness of a brand new saddle, you suffer a bit initially but they soften in time.

Saddles are very personal indeed & a lot depends on what you wear, your position on the bike & tiny adjustments to get the saddle positioned just right. It might take a bit of experimenting.

Once you decide on what model is suitable for you, you might want to try searching for used saddles. Sometimes people decide to sell their leather saddles after a few dozen miles, well before the saddle is "broken in" or deformed in any significant way.

By the way, if I recall correctly, GeorgeTheCyclist who does a lot of touring, rides on a cheap simple saddle (plastic construction).

I have two Brooks saddles. One thats about 7 years old, I used on Ragbrai two years ago. The perineum issue was a factor initially because I had it adjusted with the nose of the saddle too high. Once I found the right tilt its awesome. I just switched the newer one (about 2 years old) over to my daily commuter bike to continue to break it in. It was killing me to have it just sit on a bike that I only used 10 times a year or so. I would suggest buying at a shop that would allow you to return it if you dont like the fit. Having the shop install it and fit it for you should help you to get it close to the right position.

Thanks I am a bit heavier at 215 lbs, maybe that will speed up any breaking in time if I take the plunge and buy a brooks. Also, some have a cut out in the center and some don't I noticed.  Like the B17 vs B17 Imperial.

Saddles are, as others have suggested, a very personal thing, and X people telling you that they can ride thousands of miles on one is of liited utility to you, because you may or may not be such a person. Whether Brooks or something else, I wouldn't begin a tour on any saddle that I didn't already know I liked for at least, say, 3-4 hours of riding. The middle of a tour is the wrong time to find out that a saddle doesn't work for you. I'd pick up a used one on CL and give it a try. If you don't like it, it'll be easy to resell.

i like the brooks because they a smooth. Padding comes from the bike shorts you choose. The combination of good shorts, good saddle, and a hard tush are all you need. =D 

I tour myself, but I use road saddles. I have never been comfortable on a Brooks, in fact I think they're horrible. I love the Aliante and Rolls, personally.

Touring doesnt require an old fashioned leather saddle; use whatever is the most comfortable for your ass.


william said:

Touring doesnt require an old fashioned leather saddle; use whatever is the most comfortable for your ass.


william said:

Touring doesnt require an old fashioned leather saddle; use whatever is the most comfortable for your ass.

I love my Brooks B17.  I rode from Chicago to Milwaukee on it and my perineum was in heaven.  You just need to adjust it until it feels right for you.

I like the "Flyer" style saddle, with the springs. Just nice to have a something there to suck up a big bump you might not see...

I've been using Brooks saddles for quite awhile. Currently I'm riding on a Brooks Swallow. I probably have close to 15,000 miles on this saddle. Touring, ultra-marathon endurance riding, commuting and just popping around town is the type of riding I do. I've never had a problem with this saddle. If you're bicycle is properly fit and sized you shouldn't have a problem either. Though, it is true, it's up to each individual, the bike they're riding, and the type of riding they do. I've used the B-17 also with good results.


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