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I am a somewhat frequent user of the new Randolph bike lane in the loop.  Ride it maybe once a week.  While on the whole, I find it a nicer experience than the old layout, the other day, I was given serious second thoughts when in the space of five minutes, TWO cars attempted to enter garages/parking lots directly in front of me, collisions narrowly averted.  The drivers can't or don't see the cyclists through the row of parked cars and think nothing of making a quick right turn.  This is probably LESS safe than the old arrangement.  IMHO the city should remove one parking space before the garage entries and make the thing safer or at least put up a big caution sign to remind drivers that bikes may be in the lane.

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Ugh.  Yes.

On Dearborn I find the alley entrances to be worse than the garage entrances.

That's also been my experience.


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