I got asked a question that I can't answer, maybe I can get help here.  Here's the question.  It's a year early


I know it is a very long time ahead and that you won't know what you are doing but I thought that I would make a few contacts anyway, and see what people are doing nearer the time.

I am really excited to be making plans to do RAGBRAI in 2024. If I fly from the UK to Chicago O'Hare airport, I am wondering if you have any ideas of how I can get to and from the airport to Downtown (with bike in bike box). That is where I will get collected from Illinois Bikes and taken to the event start.

Also, where can I store the bike box?

I would be flying in on probably Wednesday 17th July 2024, the ride is from 20-27, and then I would be back to Chicago and home.

...from Mandy Lock on the other side of the pond!

A simple question: How would she be able to get from O'Hare to Union Station with a bike in a box? 

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I think you shouldn't have any trouble taking the box on the blue line. CTA maps here:https://www.transitchicago.com/maps/ The problem is the hassle of getting it from the blue line to Union Station. It's several blocks away from all CTA stations (I know, Americans prefer cars and we bike people have little influence). It might be worth it to try to reserve a van cab ahead of time or a large Uber/Lyft. As for storage, The Loop (central Chicago) has many, many hotels and if you call ahead and you're not demanding, you might be able to store with them. If you already have a reservation, start there. 


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