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My bike's not ready (awaiting replacement cassette, tire, chain), I don't feel like I've done enough to train, but when I think about spending a week hanging out with some cool people e.g. Michael B., Andy, the peeps with Team Gourmet, Liz, Anna, etc. I am really looking forward to the week in Iowa. 

How about you? Feel ready for the hills and the fun?

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I'm in the same boat (bike?!). Looking forward to a week in the corn!

My bike's in great shape. My legs are trained. My liver, on the other hand...

This will be my third RAGBRAI and my first southern route. Cant' wait for next week! I'd love to meet some Chainlink folks there. I'll be riding w/ the Lizard Kings, but I may wear my xXx kit one of the days.  

taking this year off :(  to attend to work stuff. 

This is the point where the the regret and self-pity kicks in big...

Have a great ride and be safe !!


watch out for the corn bears.

I'm going to my first RAGBRAI.

Only decided to go recently.

My bike is ready to go, but I haven't ridden much this year.

I'm sure I'll be struggling some by the third day, but I'll take easy and get through.

Looking forward to a relaxing break from work/life and meeting new people.

Open invite to join me on a team bus (w/AC) from Indianapolis with extra seats/space.  Departing Sat 7/23 and returning on Thur 7/28.  Just need to meet bus in Quad City area on Sat mid-morning.  Riding Sun-Thur of the route.


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