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I would like your advice on this.  Any opinions on a Specialized Stumpjumper for everyday use? I ride to/fro work about 5-7 miles per day. Would you get a bike like this?

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With a backpack that's not too far for any kind of bike.  It's not the fastest commuter but other than that I would ask how comfortable is it, what kind of terrain does your commute cover and how secure is the location where the bike would be tied up during the day?  After that, are you planning to use it for trails or other mountain bike specific things in addition to the commute?

Thanks for your reply.  I am planning a trip to Milwaukee from Chicago this Fall. So wondering if that might be too heavy and not fast enough for that, overwise, Ill just be using it for work and I lock it outside of work too.  Which worries, me because my 2nd bike was stolen 3 days ago!! ....and this one is more on the pricier side.  

Old, great.

New, complete shite for what you want.

My do it all bike for years was a 1990 MTB.  I even did a group ride with the local racers once with Tom Slicks on it.  I had about 8,000 mostly road miles on it when it was (surprise) stolen.


I'd say it depends on what else you want to do besides your commute.  It would be OK for that, but unless this is going to be your only bike and you want something with off road capability, I'd probably look for something more in the CX/touring spectrum.


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