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After two flats in three days--1st the front wheel and then the back) I am thinking about upgrading to some puncture resistant tires. I ride a Trek Belleville WSD with Bontrager H2 Eco Design 700/35c tires.  I commute to work daily, and use my bike for transportation.  The environmentally responsible tires are super cool, but the truly eco-friendly thing is to be out on my bike as much as possible--I can't be worried about flats.  I do all the things you are supposed to do, watch for shiny stuff, avoid the shoulder, ride as far left as safe. I also keep my tires well inflated.


Does anyone have any recommendations?  I did a search for puncture resistant tires on the forum and I found a brief mention of Amadillo tires. Are these a good option for me?  Thanks for your help!


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I'm pretty happy with my continental gatorskins. I use 700/25c. They make them up to 700/32c though.
I have a Armadillo on my back tire and a Gatorskin on my front: I have yet to get a flat on either tires after many many many miles.
I have learned to avoid any tire with shallow recessed grooves (AKA "inverted tread") like those H2s-- the grooves grab glass shards or other sharp bits and hold them while they're pressed further in with every revolution.  You don't say how far your commute is but if it's not too far you would fare better with tires that have external tread/knobs.

Look for a tyre with kevlar or polyamide belts under the tread. Several manufacturers make them.

i've had good service from Panaracer Pasela TG tyres. Not bullet proof, but close. i weigh in at ~180 lbs and i'm not gentle on wheels and tyres. i have them on 3 wheelsets and ride them in dailycommuter service with one puncture in about 5 years. They're available in 35mm to 25mm widths.

+1 on the Pasela, That's what i use on my commuter and tandem. Although I think the non TG version rides better and still hardly get flats.
Not a tire suggestion - but do you have the tire liners? It has cut down #flats for me, especially for the real wheel.

my family and I have been riding with Schwalbe Marathon tires on most of our bikes for 10 years in Chicago and every flat so far (and we have not had many of them) has been a valve problem or a rim tape issue. Check your rim tape.


Ours are the regular Marathon, not the Plus with blue foam in it. The plain ones have a little too much tread but last forever and the new ones all have reflective strips.


I agree with the suggestion to keep your existing tires and try tire liners; if that doesn't cut it get fancy tires... Good luck.

I've gone more than 2000 miles on bontrager hard case 700x32 without any flats at all.
I just got gatorskin hardshells. Got a flat last week, but I give them a pass because that was some nasty glass. Which is my point. No matter what, eventually you run over a razor blade.

I really like riding Michelin City 700x35's. I usually ride 'em all the way down into the yellow protective core from skid stopping and I never get flats, even after rolling through unavoidable glass or nailing many of the wonderful pothole we have around town. Best part is, they have reflective sidewalls, REI always has 35c and 32c in stock and they're like $27!!! Or for a little more $ Panaracer RIBMO's are awesome too, they have an arched profile which make them pretty fast and they come in many sizes as well as 32c or 35c.

I've had multiple flats on gatorskins however the only time I got a flat on an armadillo was after a couple of years when the tire had become so riddled with glass that it had eventually worn through.


It's a pity armadillos aren't carried more widely because in my experience nothing else holds up like they do.

Thanks so much for your help everyone! These are great suggestions. I think I am going to go with Armadillo or Gaterskin tires (depending on what I find at my local bike shop) with inverted treds for my bike. I'll also take a look at the Panaracer RIBMO since two people recommended them. Oh and F.Y.I., my commute is 6 miles each way and I do 16+ during the weekend as well as various errands and such on weeknights.

Thanks again!!!



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