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So this seems to happen every time it front tire (slicks) pulls water up the back of the wheel almost quarter way up, as it comes off, the evil Chicago wind blows it to the side and perfectly onto my foot, into my shoe (almost always the right one). Will a full front fender solve this?

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Chicago physics, got to love it :)
If properly installed, yes.
I always wear canvas shoes on rainy days, or some flip flops. However during the winter I put on extra warm wool socks and rubber overshoes.
A good full fender with a mudflap will make a huge amount of difference. My favorite is the Planet Bike Cascadias.

If you draw a tangent line from the tire through the tip of the fender, you'll get an idea how much spray you'll get. Only the tips of my toes get a little spray at the very bottom of the crank rotation.
A fender with a done-right long mud flap will solve it more or less completely. PB Cascadias are the only fenders available that have reasonable mudflaps on them - but it is trivially easy to make your own.

Full fenders do work wonders. And on lighter rainy days, or after a rain, they keep me feetsies nice and dry. But during a really hard rain with hard wind... That wind just plows through my fender and kicks that rain right to my feet.

...don't know what to tell you about the whole 'always the right foot' thing. Come to think about it, it really is always the right foot. I think it's the same bermuda triangle thing that also works with those nasty heads I always catch... NO MATTER WHICH DIRECTION I GO!
yeah. but i doubt youll be able to put a front fender on your track bike. no room..maybe tho...
i wrap my shoes in plastic bags but the rain still seeps in.
Get a 20oz soda bottle, cut it in half (long ways) and zip-tie it to your frame. Give you a good idea if you might need a full fender or if it makes a difference at all.



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