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A month or three ago I started noticing the sad-face-dude graffiti on my route home, Fulton St.

Lately, he's depicted wearing a ball cap with the letter 'G'.

I dig it and was very pleased to see him in my very own alley-- a spot rather off the beaten path.

Yesterday, I came across this plywood sign at the railroad underpass on Damen & 14th St:

Anybody know nothing about this?


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That is a great place to set such a sign.
There's a similar sign on the south end of the viaduct, too; no sadface guy, but clearly the work of the same people.

They've been up for several months now without interference from the city or local vandals, though the southern sign is becoming mightily obscured by weeds. I suppose in the spirit of citizen signage I should go do some citizen landscaping...
if only the message on this sign was as clear as the sign that it replaced. really, cars driving 30mph can't read the small print.
I think they come from a sceneshop on fulton just east of damen. I see than guy on a dumpster and a small truck there.
unfortunately the more you talk about him and his possible locations the higher risk of some authority figures coming through to that place if they start to really get up.

Loose lips sink ships (or pro bike artists)
i mean chicago and western or was that ashland and grace
not sure. there is a sign on the other side of the road too...not sure who put them there.
I've made a few trips past there recently and wondered the same thing. I like the signs. Perhaps some drivers are noticing them. Traffic has been less hostile through that viaduct in the last few months, at least when I've gone through.



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